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Sport of Kings (2011): One (Orlando B./Sean B.)

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Title: Sport of Kings
Chapter: One
Fandom: LotR RPS, racing AU
Pairing: Sean Bean / Orlando Bloom
Rating: NC 17 overall
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
Word Count: 103k overall, 5.5k this chapter
A/N: This is a re-write of my story ‘Sport of Kings’ that I wrote in 2006. Back then it was about 33k long and I always wanted to go back and fill the gaps. If you read the story back then I hope you’ll enjoy it again – I’ve added about 70k, re-wrote and fleshed out most of the original scenes and added quite a few new ones as well as new characters. If you read this for the first time I certainly hope you’ll have fun in the world of British racing.
A/N 2: I’ll be posting a chapter a week (there are 12 overall) so I have some time in between posts to do some last minute editing but the story is definitely finished and not a wip.
A/N3: Intro Post with pictures and links

On the first Monday in September Sean lost his only remaining jockey. Since he had eighty-eight steeplechasers in training in his yard, all just waiting for the season to begin and for someone to guide them over the high fences towards the finishing line, this loss left him in a bit of a pickle. Well. ‘Catastrophe’ probably was the more accurate description.
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