afra_schatz (afra_schatz) wrote in more_than_mates,

Fic: The best consolation if not the only remedy (Colin/Bradley, Orlando/Sean) 1/14

Fic: The best consolation if not the only remedy 1/14
Fandom: Merlin / LotR RPS x-over
Pairings: Colin Morgan/Bradley James, Sean Bean/Orlando Bloom
Rating: NC 17 overall
Word Count: ~56k total
Beta: giselleslash
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
A/N: The fic consists of alternating parts of C/B and O/S (intro post to all the characters here) but they are only very loosely connected and can be understood on their own. So you can also choose to only read the C/B bits or the S/O ones (though, who would want to miss out on either of the pretty?). I’ll be posting every other day or so. – Have fun!

In which Bradley goes on a super-secret mission and Orlando faces the hooligan
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